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Therapy and pastoral care

The conversation

Therapy - counseling

In these conversations, we talk about the situation you are in, challenges you have in your life, and how you want to change this. Not everyone is comfortable with the method of retrieving information from the subconscious. I therefore want those who want traditional therapy sessions and guidance to be welcome as well. In these conversations, I will help you find your inner drive and how you can create changes in your life and your everyday life. You get help to get a handle on thoughts and problems that are challenging. I focus on being neutral and supportive and finding solutions that suit you and that are possible to implement. 

These conversations can aim to find your motivation and practical solutions. 

I have virtually no limitation when it comes to topics, please contact me if you have any questions. I have a duty of confidentiality. Agreements with me are non-binding, and you can interrupt the course of treatment when it suits you. 

Some just want hours as needed, others want hours weekly.

Together you and I will find out what is the best solution for you as a human being - your life and your health are the most important things.

Pastoral Care

Having these sessions is not the same as therapy sessions, but many people experience the conversations therapeutically. The class is controlled by you who come, and you can talk about what you want. Maybe you have experienced some kind of loss - job, residence, death, or maybe you are seriously ill or a relative of someone who is ill. 

Maybe you have feelings such as sadness, shame, addiction, loneliness, etc., that weigh you down too much in everyday life. No subject is taboo with me. As a counselor, I listen - I am a guest in your life.

The education I have taken has a religious/Christian foundation. You therefore have the opportunity to talk about your faith life – perhaps you have encountered challenges such as believers, difficult attitudes, experience of absence from God, etc. I can help you figure out these challenges through conversation. During my education, I have immersed myself in the topics of suffering, suicide and prayer - but all topics are welcome.  

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